# EasySwarm

# Overview

EasySwarm helps developers to fast build ultra-reliable wireless local networks for communications between a swarm of unmanned systems. Benefitted from the SwarmLink DevKit gateway, EasySwarm offers an user-friendly software to interact with customized unmanned devices, e.g. drones, AGV, UGV, etc. The EasySwarm software is free and open-source.

# Open-Source

EasySwarm offers an open-source ground control software, with which developers can

  • deploy customized swarming strategies

  • monitor operation status of all unmanned vehicles

    EasySwarm available at GitHub:

    https://github.com/RobSenseTech/SwarmLink.git (opens new window)

    The supported open-source fly control firmware is as follows:


    ArduPilot:ArduCopter V3.3.3 Quad、ArduCopter V3.5.7 Quad

# Hardware

SwarmLink DevKit Gateway
SwarmLink DevKit Gateway

SwarmLink DevKit Node
SwarmLink Devkit Node