# Download the codebase

git clone https://github.com/RobSenseTech/PhenixPro_Devkit_V2.0

git clone https://github.com/RobSenseTech/TrackingDemo_DevkitPro_linux

Note: From now on, we have two branch on github:

  • master
  • develop

master is the release branch, we only modify code on develop branch, and merge it to master after new code have been tested well.

If you want to do something about VIVADO project,you can clone https://github.com/RobSenseTech/PhenixPro_Devkit (opens new window).

The VIVADO project at PhenixPro_Devkit/amp_system/vivado_prj.tar.gz.

you can see more details in directory:Basis of SW/HW co-design with DevKit/Get Started/1.Build Hardware.