Program the controller


Devkit support boot from sd card, copy these file to sd card:


Note: ā€‹ The directory of PhenixPro Devkit is RobSenseTech/PhenixPro_Devkit_V2.0...

set DIP switch like the image below(it means boot from sd card):


And the he print information is similar to general Linux startup information.

2.Connect UAV Components


As red words in image above, we can connect UAV component like this:

  • Remote control receiver connect to SBUS (pin order from top to bottom is signal, vcc, GND)

  • Four motors connected to MOTO 1 to 4, respectively (pin order from top to bottom is signal, vcc, GND)

  • Ground station can be connected through SERIAL 4 port on the board with baudrate 115200, while through other SERIAL ports with baudrate 57600.

  • Connect power distribution board to POWER

  • UAV head direction is the same as x axis which is marked in red box