Here is a simple process for developers to compile the source code.

PhenixPro Devkit V1.0

compile cpu1 BSP(Board Support Package):

make bsp-clean;make bsp -j8

compile pilot code:

make pilot-clean;make pilot -j8

compile all:

make clean;make -j8

Note: ​ Bcause the pilot code depends on cpu1 bsp, please make sure that you have compiled bsp before compiling pilot code.

PhenixPro Devkit V2.0

Below shows how to build ArduCopter for the PhenixPro Devkit V2.0

First,Enter the specified directory:

cd PhenixPro_Devkit_V2.0/TrackingDemo_DevkitPro_linux

The next command should be called only once or when you want to change a configuration option. One configuration often used is the --board option to switch from one board to another one. For PhenixPro Devkit V2.0 we could switch to rst_zynq and build:

./waf configure --board rst_zynq

Last,Compile all:

./waf copter

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